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Imagevine - Christian Backgrounds, Video and PowerPoint

Easter Backgrounds features backgrounds, images and graphics optimized for use with projectors (using PowerPoint or comparable software) in churches as well as PowerPoint Slides, Announcements and Sermon Outlines priced to suit Christian churches of any size.

Easter Backgrounds Collection (jpeg format)
Powerpoint Easter Series (powerpoint format)

PowerPoint Slide Shows

Easter PowerPak



Visit ImageVine for Easter Backgrounds at discounted prices.


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Easter Backgrounds Collection (jpeg format)
All images in the Easter Backgrounds Collection are in jpeg format and are compatible with PowerPoint®, SongShowPlus, MediaShout, Prologue's SundayPlus, EasyWorship, WorshipHim, WorshipBuilder and others. The Easter Backgrounds Collection is available in a wide range of formats including Designer Sets, Backgrounds, Framed Backgrounds and Titled Backgrounds.


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Easter Backgrounds - Easter Collection Designer Sets Designer Sets
10 sets (48 images)
Price $19.97
Easter Backgrounds - Easter Collection Jpeg Backgrounds Backgrounds
Background Images (24 images)
Price $9.97
Easter Backgrounds - Easter Collection Framed Backgrounds Framed Backgrounds
Framed Backgrounds (24 images)
Price $9.97
Easter Backgrounds - Easter Collection Titled backgrounds Titled Backgrounds
Backgrounds with titles (40 images) 
Price $16.97
Easter Backgrounds - Easter Collection Volumn 1 Volume 1 Complete Collection 
More than 120 Jpeg Backgrounds     SAVE 25%
Regular Price 56.88
You Save: $14.91

Our Price: $41.97

PowerPoint Easter Series (PowerPoint format)
All images in the PowerPoint Easter Series are PowerPoint files. Many of the images contained within this PowerPoint Easter Series were taken from the Easter Backgrounds Collection (see above). In addition to ease of use, the PowerPoint Easter Series contains transitions, worship backgrounds, sermon outlines, announcements and animated files for maximum versatility and ease of use within PowerPoint. For information on how to use these PowerPoint files please see Using PowerPoint in
Easter Backgrounds - Easter Series  Animated Announcements Announcements
7 Animated Announcements
Price $7.97
Easter Backgrounds - PowerPoint Backgrounds Worship Photos
16 Backgrounds with welcome title (48 images)
Price $11.97
Easter Backgrounds - Easter Series  Animated Titles Animated Titles
Titled Backgrounds with Animation (24 images)
Price $11.97
Easter Backgrounds - Easter Series Sermon Outlines Sermon Outlines
10 Sermon Outlines (48 images)
Price $19.97
Easter Backgrounds - Easter Series  Volumn 1 Series 1 Complete Collection
More than 100 PowerPoint Slides     SAVE 25%
Regular Price 51.88
You Save: $13.91

Our Price: $37.97

PowerPoint Slide Shows
We have created a number of special PowerPoint slide shows for the Easter season. Two of these PowerPoint slide shows are designed to be used during a solo or special music number. The PowerPoint slide shows can be customized to play over the length of any song.
Easter Backgrounds - PowerPoint Slide Shows - Scripture Reading Scripture Reading
The Easter Story (26 slides)
John 19:1 - 20:9 NIV 
Price $5.97
Easter Backgrounds - PowerPoint Slide Shows - Sun Rise Jesus on the Cross
Time lapse sun rises (32 slides)
Price $5.97
Easter Backgrounds - PowerPoint Slide Shows - Lily Opens Lily Opening
Time lapse lily opening  (20 slides)
Price $5.97
Easter Backgrounds - PowerPoint Slide Shows - Walk of the Cross Walk of the Cross
Walk of the Cross  (14 slides)
Price $5.97

Easter PowerPak 
Download Version Save 50% - Total 80 Mb

The Easter PowerPak contains everything on the Easter Backgrounds website including over 120 images and over 160 PowerPoint® Slides (in excess of 80 Mb). This provides you with both ease of use and the ability to customize your service with the materials contained in the Easter Backgrounds Collection. We have Discounted the PowerPak by 50% as portions of the Easter Backgrounds Collection were used to create the PowerPoint Easter Series.
Download Version    SAVE 50% 
Total download 80mb.
Regular Price 132.47
You Save: $66.57

Our Price: $65.97
Shipping included 7 to 10 days. (US & Canada Only)
Price $70.97
Shipping included 2 to 3 days. (US & Canada Only)
Price 90.97

We have created a zip file that will make a directory structure for your downloads. This file also contains an offline "image catalog" that you can use to look for images. The catalog is the same as the products pages with most of the text and payment options removed. Click here to download the file. The root directory the file will setup is called the ImageVine, which is our future online store.

Make your projector come alive with our wide range of professional Easter images available in a variety of formats. Our high quality backgrounds (1048x768) are not only easy to use and affordable... they are available for immediate download and ideally suited for church presentations. Click here to view some samples of how to use our quality images.

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